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I think most people hate eating breakfast because it requires more moving about and scrounging around, and well...effort. I know that's how I was feeling today, on this my day off. Day off from what? you may very well ask. I'm not sure really. Most days I'm busy doing life and what-not, on my day off, I'm allowed to live in my most raw and primal state. Hair in a terrible tangle, make-up free, stomach out, yoga pants donned, with my iPad blaring some 90's sitcom whilst I guzzle an entire pot of coffee. Lovely image, isn't it? I did manage to get breakfast, I ate wheat toast with 'natural' Skippy peanut butter. Really it should be called peanut butter with extra oily-slim. I'm not sure how natural it could possibly be.
Have you ever noticed that when you Google an inexplicable physical symptom of some sort, 'depression' is inevitably one of the possible illnesses it could be? As soon as I see that result, I immediately lose interest. Depression? well, no emergency there. Humph, depression, how horribly boring. Just in case you were worried, I am most definitely not depressed.
Well, I am posting below some new listings of some adorable vintage dresses. I hope you enjoy! If you want to see the complete listing on Etsy, just click on the title above the picture.
Today I will be taking photographs later of me transformed into something reasonably presentable wearing some genuinely pretty vintage hats that I will be listing soon.

Stay classy,
Kary J.

In memorandum:

Last night I burned a CD for a friend of mine. Copies of the photographs of my very first model shoot. My model was MaKenzie. She was a dear little soul, and quit this life a few short months afterwards. I had the opportunity to get to know her quite well during the interim. Going through those pictures last night reminded me of just how unique she really was. I know her family is still grieving deeply over their loss. Little MaKenzie is never far off from my thoughts. It was a lesson hard learned, don't take young friends for granted. If you haven't heard from someone in a while and are unsure why, there might be a more serious reason. Reach out to them, you may just make a big difference during a volatile time.



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