1950's Model of Charm

Just a quick post of some recent pictures and listings @ High Hat Couture. A new model has graced us with her presence, Ms. Jessica. I styled her hair and scoped out new photo locations downtown. I think the results are fab!

I have many more treasures coming soon. I've been rather pressed for time as of late. I'm happy to be getting back on schedule. I am looking forward to showing you the delightful hats I've been collecting. Of course there are plenty of summer worthy dresses on the way too, so keep your eyes peeled :)

I recently suffered the loss of a very dear person, my grandfather. So just as a reminder, keep in touch with your family. For heavens sake, don't take them for granted. Its always a sad and tragic thing, to lose those who have braved the past.

 Stay classy,

Kary J.


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