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Summer hat and dress sale!

Hello friends!

Things at the shop are changing! I have invested in a beautiful Decoeyes mannequin Head to display my hats. Most future hat listings will no longer be live modeled. This way you can easily make the hat your own. Of course I loved modeling the hats, but I was a little concerned that seeing me in it distracted from the beauty of the product and affected how the buyer thought it would appear on them. I will occasionally live model some hats from time to time just for fun! But Lily will be carrying the brunt of the listing burden for the most part. I've begun listing with my gorgeous new mannequin Lily yesterday. Below is a sampling of the listings.

1950s cocktail feather hat Purchase this hat
1940s straw topper hat NOS Purchase this hat
1930s summer halo hat Purchase this hat

1940s brown felt high hat Purchase this hat

Decoeyes mannequins are no longer being manufactured, unfortunately. I bought this lovely lady from a fellow vintage seller. I feel quite spoiled to have fo…

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