Monday, November 26, 2012

The shoes that Christian built

“You have dancing shoes with nimble soles. I have a soul of lead.” - William Shakespeare

Good Evening!
The sun is shining and 'the project' is selling merch. I feel pretty fine and fancy. When I'm in one of these rare moods, the kind of mood where I've had a good nights sleep. I like to look at shoes, like any sane girl. The shoes that caught my eye today...Christian Siriano.
True. This designer did appear on a commercialized reality show. True. This designer did win this said show. True. This designer is working with the droll chain Payless. But all these exasperating factors set aside, the man's shoes are fab. F-A-B. I can't help but LOVE them, and I'm pretty sure you wont either. Check out these great looks for Spring 2013:

Yummy candy coated goodness!

Too sweet bow-rific.

Sin-sational chunky baby blues.

There were plenty more where these came from. His dresses are tulle confections of perfection too. I really like how innocent and charming they are. Here is a sample:

These muted pastel colors are very vintage inspired.

I'm sure his style isn't for every girl, but this girl says yes. Now just in case you feel like looking at these gave you a sugar rush from their overtly frilly tone, I have a nice smack of masculine charm done right for you here:

Derek Lam

Dries Van Noten

Well, there you have it. My fashion finds for the week. I hope you enjoyed looking. In other news, I did give our business Facebook page a new face lift and created a new banner for the Etsy store so it would match and be cohesive. You can check out our new look here:
Thank you as always for taking the time to look at my blog. I know we live in a busy blurry world. I hope that you make it over again next week for the next exciting installment ;)
Take care of yourselves & don't forget to pause and take a deep breath,
-Kary J.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Just wanted to be sure and let all you know about my BLACK FRIDAY SALE at the store this Thursday - Monday. We have a section completely devoted to sale items so they are easy to locate ;) 

As a side note, here are some pictures of the hats I recently listed below. I thought it would be on theme from my last post. Enjoy the vintage goodness!
This one is still for sale!
View vintage hat here
This one sold.
This one also sold:)

Hooray! I'm selling again! 
Stay classy,
Kary J.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hat's off to you!

Good Morning Tuesday-ers,
I'm going to dive right in without the usual pleasantries. I went shopping for hats yesterday. Vintage hats of course. I have a terrible weakness for any and all hair accessories of which hats reign as queen in my minds eye. It took nearly my entire afternoon to find a few that I liked at a reasonable price.
I found one fabulous green feather fascinator at Revolver downtown. Authentically vintage and in prime condition. But the price was too steep for my penny cleaving budget. So onward went my search. At last I found a bin at a local thrift store that read  "All hats (insert price here)" scrawled in an orange sharpie on their glass counter. It was full of fabulous skull clutching hats from the 1950's. I bought three. One beautiful green velvet with its birdcage netting still healthy and in tact, another spring-y floral one with a bright green ribbon, and last but not least a lavender with matching lavender roses attached to the side. You can imagine my great delight. I can't wait to take some photos of these beauties and list them in my Etsy store! I'm going to work on it this afternoon.
So because of my little adventure, I engaged in a curious search for modern milliners that have a vintage edge in the world of fashion today. I will now post my finds. 

Gina Foster...amazing. She caters to the royal family. 

Jane Taylor. Stunning pieces. 

Pip Hackett. Probably my favorite. Breathtaking.

Maggie Mowbray. Cute & very wearable.

So there you have it. My finds. I hope you enjoy them. I actually found quite a few more knockout pieces, but couldn't find the name of the milliner, and we must give credit where credit is due. I suppose it goes with out saying that my favorite hat right now is the classic top hat. I would LOVE to get my hands on a genuine antique french beaver, but they are WAY out of my budget. 
Now you know why I chose the name "High Hat Couture" for " The Project ". Speaking of, I did finally sell something else, hooray! The 1980's glam belt has went its way to a new owner. I sincerely hope she enjoy's it in all its David Bowie-esque glory. 
I forgot to mention I also have some exciting new dresses to list. One is an Oxblood velour from the 70's. The other is a 1940's style green floral print with big gold buttons. I also have yet to list my 1940's blue wool suit and my 1960's black pencil skirt suit (very Jackie O.). Also I want to be sure and mention that my partner Jill has listed a few new items as well. One of which is this pretty floor length white chiffon skirt Click here to see it. One more thing, I signed up for Wanelo. I will be listing some great finds and posting our stores new listings. You can find it here : for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it. 

Take care & stay classy doll face,
Kary J.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The snow is falling, fashion is calling

"You have no idea what a long-legged gal can do without doing anything." - The Palm Beach Story

Heavens, what a long, tense week. I wonder if everyone feels the same? Its fitting it ended with the fury and bang of a big snow fall. I like snow. If  I'm going to be cold, the world around me may-as-well look stunning, all glittery and white with the near black bark of trees slicing the skyline. 
The wedding is over. It went well. Its good to see people you care about look so happy...and relieved. For the record, I hate cake with fondant. Its like a creepy kind of sugar skin. It tastes like a waxy marshmallow. 
The 'project' isn't doing so well. Its rather depressing. I think the problem is that I don't have enough low-priced items in stock. Most of my inventory is over $30. Hopefully I can post a few loss leaders today so I can get some sales. It looks bad if a store goes 2 weeks without moving anything. So I have to get busy. 
I'm bored with rattling on about my life right now. Lets focus on something awesome, and that something, or I should say someone is Jenny Packham. This designer is a queen among princesses. Her winter line is AMAZING. I love her choice of hair and make-up as well, so I will post a close-up. Here are some of my favorites:

Love. Love. Love.

Slinky and feminine.

I think I have to try this hair style. I love the bold lip and dark brows too.

Well my  friends, I might add that I was having trouble sleeping. So I started watching this series from the history channel on netflix called Monarchy. I've really enjoyed it. It does wonders to help me sleep. I'm not sure if its the narrators voice or what, but it works like a charm every time.

Talk to you next week! Stay classy!
-Kary J.

Monday, November 5, 2012

To be a Maid when you are a Madame

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

Hello, hello dear precious few!

I missed our one-sided chat last week. I was in Minneapolis penetrating the tourist world and scouring the streets for local favorites. It was genuinely great to be oneself and explore a bit. Johnny and I were like two urban Indiana Jones'. I did, in fact, find some lovely vintage stores. 
My favorite was Blacklist Vintage, where my husband surprised me by buying a 1940's black wool coat. Its in excellent condition. A real beauty, and it fits me perfectly. Paul, the employee picked it out for me to try on. He was a true gentlemen. He knew my size by looking at me, and didn't pressure us to buy it. It was a little pricey, but totally worth it at $178. It falls mid calf and has a tailored waist. I will have to post a picture sometime. Another really fun place was The Lost and Found. Cheap prices and a fun atmosphere. They have an old arcade game you can play for free, and a nice selection of men's vintage which is quite rare. I also stopped at a very nice shop on recommendation from my sister-in-law who lives near the cities called My Sisters Closet. Decent prices and a big selection of quality vintage pieces. 
Btw, Morrissey cancelled his tour...the less said about this the better.
As a side note, Le Meridien Hotel was AWESOME. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay downtown. If you pay in advance online you can get a reasonable priced room.
Enough about Minneapolis. Lets talk fashion. I am in a wedding this Saturday. My friend asked me to be her bridesmaid. So for the last month I've been scoping out A LOT of bridesmaid dresses. We were forced to buy off  the rack, because she planned her big day rather quickly following the engagement. My dress is Royal Blue, fitted and boned through the bodice, a halter with a low open back, floor length chiffon. Its nice. But I will now post pictures of some dream bridesmaid dresses I found during our mad search:
Lazaro Noir...any dress by Lazaro is amazing.

This is Dior. I love the cool pink color and the simplicity of this one.

This is the Cinnibar Dress by BHLDN. Very nice.

Drum roll please...This is The bridesmaids dress of my dreams. Absolutely gorgeous. It has a hefty price tag and it hails from BHLDN. Its called the Park Avenue dress. 

If you haven't visited BHLDN's website, please do. They have beautiful quality dresses that are unique yet wearable. I have copied the hairstyles of several of their models. They have a great vintage contemporary look.

Well, that's about it for the week:) Nothing really to speak of regarding 'The Project'. I've had no time over the last week to list anything new on Etsy. I'm hoping to take the time to do so today. I did sell 3 things last week! Oh, and FYI the fabulous Vintage red wool Marilyn Monroe dress is now for sale again. The buyer never paid for their item, so I re-listed it. You can check it out here: The Monroe Dress.
Also please do check out my fabulous Vintage Tuxedo Pin-up dress I had bough especially to wear to the Morrissey concert. Which of course I couldn't wear because he canceled his tour, So I am now selling it :( waaaah!
 the link is here:Morrissey Dress 

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my post. I hope you stop by again sometime! Have a safe and fantastic week!

-Kary J.