Hat's off to you!

Good Morning Tuesday-ers,
I'm going to dive right in without the usual pleasantries. I went shopping for hats yesterday. Vintage hats of course. I have a terrible weakness for any and all hair accessories of which hats reign as queen in my minds eye. It took nearly my entire afternoon to find a few that I liked at a reasonable price.
I found one fabulous green feather fascinator at Revolver downtown. Authentically vintage and in prime condition. But the price was too steep for my penny cleaving budget. So onward went my search. At last I found a bin at a local thrift store that read  "All hats (insert price here)" scrawled in an orange sharpie on their glass counter. It was full of fabulous skull clutching hats from the 1950's. I bought three. One beautiful green velvet with its birdcage netting still healthy and in tact, another spring-y floral one with a bright green ribbon, and last but not least a lavender with matching lavender roses attached to the side. You can imagine my great delight. I can't wait to take some photos of these beauties and list them in my Etsy store! I'm going to work on it this afternoon.
So because of my little adventure, I engaged in a curious search for modern milliners that have a vintage edge in the world of fashion today. I will now post my finds. 

Gina Foster...amazing. She caters to the royal family. 

Jane Taylor. Stunning pieces. 

Pip Hackett. Probably my favorite. Breathtaking.

Maggie Mowbray. Cute & very wearable.

So there you have it. My finds. I hope you enjoy them. I actually found quite a few more knockout pieces, but couldn't find the name of the milliner, and we must give credit where credit is due. I suppose it goes with out saying that my favorite hat right now is the classic top hat. I would LOVE to get my hands on a genuine antique french beaver, but they are WAY out of my budget. 
Now you know why I chose the name "High Hat Couture" for " The Project ". Speaking of, I did finally sell something else, hooray! The 1980's glam belt has went its way to a new owner. I sincerely hope she enjoy's it in all its David Bowie-esque glory. 
I forgot to mention I also have some exciting new dresses to list. One is an Oxblood velour from the 70's. The other is a 1940's style green floral print with big gold buttons. I also have yet to list my 1940's blue wool suit and my 1960's black pencil skirt suit (very Jackie O.). Also I want to be sure and mention that my partner Jill has listed a few new items as well. One of which is this pretty floor length white chiffon skirt Click here to see it. One more thing, I signed up for Wanelo. I will be listing some great finds and posting our stores new listings. You can find it here : http://wanelo.com/highhatcoutureThanks for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it. 

Take care & stay classy doll face,
Kary J.


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