Mod Your Bod in 2013

Your cold hand 
held for a moment among strangers 
held for a moment among dripping trees 
in the midnight hour

-Adrian Henri

We, the survivors :) have a lot to look forward in the spring of 2013. A new year often means a fresh start to many people, but in the upcoming fashion season we will be deeply immersed in the past. I've spent a lot of time posting fashion finds that give silent tribute to past staples from various era's. Today I would like to tip my hat to Prada. Their bold blocks of color and retro mod silhouettes manage to look unique, youthful, and obviously trendy. I would be terribly naive to hold back from posting some of the stunning men's line for Spring/Summer 2013 here. So for the first time since I started my brief entries I will post some runway photo's of the masculine variety. Here we go:

Dashing, no?

Sleek and Refined gent

Futuristic yet Dainty

Dolores O'riordan inspired 

There you have them. My favorite picks for the week. I've been taking it easy the last few weeks, but I'm back in business now. I listed two more dresses on 'The Project' today. I had two sales so far this week. Which I'm very grateful for, considering the lazy mellow mood I've been in. I've done no promoting. If you would like to see the darling 1960's Peter Pan collar dress & and the 1950's style swing dress I've listed click below my friends:

Thank you for stopping by my lovelies! I hope you pop around next week for my next entry. 
Stay classy,
Kary J.


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