Hurting for Herchcovitch, Panting for Patachou

"Blow, blow thou winter wind...Freeze, freeze thou bitter sky.."
Winter is upon us here in Fargo,ND. We are white and cold, and I'm not just talking about the people. bah-dum-cha! I'm settled in this morning upon my divan of illness. Not to fear! I found some bright spring fashion pictures to cheer me up, and some stunning Brazilian winter pieces to spice up my current look this season. I will share them with you, dear few.
First lets talk about Patachou, designer Tereza Santos is one smart cookie. Her clean simplistic designs are pretty and wearable. Her summer 2013 collection is sure to please. The inspiration for this line is Monet. The colors are gentle and elegant. You will have to stay tuned to see those pieces though, for I prefer at this time to focus on her Winter collection. Here we go:
Classic lines.

Beautiful texture.

Pretty colors.

Now, lets jump ahead to Alexandre Herchcovitch and his stunning New York show for Spring 2013. The colors and design in general are an elusive mix of late 1980's patterns and early the 1990's color pallet. Its a ready-to-wear line. Here are the pieces I pulled that I found especially pleasing or at least interesting to look at (a nice slap to the eye). 

Love the skirt and booties here.

Very wearable combination here.



Almost a bit juvenile or anime inspired.


Not sure if I would really wear this much yellow, but I like it. 
It reminds me of Jim Carrey in "The Mask".

So there you have my fashion finds this week. The 'Project' is okay. Sales slowed after the 'Black Friday' week, but I suppose that's normal. My partner in crime, Jill, listed a couple new things yesterday, so if you have the time check them out at, Thank you for stopping by my corner of the web, and please come visit me again sometime;)
Have a great week my lovelies,
Kary J.


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