For the love of stripes

Good day to you drifters upon the web,
Its a new week, and a new day. I would like to start off by saying, Taylor Swift did not make black and white stripes a fashion do. They have been a staple of the fashion machine since the Parisian carmelite monks of times past (read The Devils Cloth to get the complete story). They are crisp, timeless, bold, and often very mod. Black and white stripes look dandy on accessories, like clutch purses, heels, or big dangling ear bobbles. I've rounded up some fine examples of the stripe. First up:
The Gown
Giorgio Armani Winter 2009

The Bathing Suit
Michael Kors Spring 2009

The Shoe
Christian Louboutin

The Bag
Rachel Roy

Now that I'm on a roll with this black and white theme, here are some bold fashion statements that are along the same vein of thought in no particular order.

Nature inspired hat with grey striped shirt

1960's Fashion with mutated pattern

1940's French fashion inspired make-up

Fabulous, no? I knew you would agree;) 'The Project' is going well. I've listed some new accessories and dresses. Please take a look if you have the time. Here is a picture from my recent Etsy shoot with some of the products featured that I'm selling.

Thank you for stopping by my lovelies. I hope your week is a rare one!
-Kary J.


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