Winter Blues Mid-Winter Sale!

The world slows down for no one. Things have really been hopping at! My views have been steadily climbing over the last two months, and it has really begun to pay off. I'm actually making a good profit. So, ladies and gents, I am officially a business owner. I'm turning a profit and marketing my heart out, and I am hoping with all my available strength of reason and optimism that this pattern continues. In celebration, I am having a sale:

I am right now learning the ropes of Ebay auctions. My husband is a veteran in the Ebay world and is kindly coaching me along. I have finally purchased my first vintage gown, which I intend to keep as my own, by winning an Ebay auction. Let me tell you, Ebay is a totally different world than Etsy. Its not as kindly and laid back. My palms were sweaty, my heart racing, and I don't know how many times I lost out to some user who goes by A***I. Feelings of anger and self doubt soon followed the disappointment of not attaining what had been my hearts desire. I did look on Etsy first for the type of vintage gown I was in the market for, and I found an absolutely BEAUTIFUL dress in my price range. Unfortunately I waited 24 hours and within that span of time, my dress had been snatched up. Let that be a lesson to you all. If you see a vintage garment that delights you, get it straight away, because once its sold you cannot get another. Most of these gowns are OOAK (one of a kind). 

Well, below are some listings at my shop. I hope you like the pictures!

50's Rockabilly Essential Blouse

So there you have them. 

I'm planning a trip this weekend, lets pray the blizzard warnings have been exaggerated! I have already been in one car accident this winter, I don't want to experience another.

Stay Classy,

Kary J.


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