A Vintage Veil to Mourn Summer

Dear Reader,

 Has it ever been so cold outside that frostbite is an actual concern when you're considering making a trip to store? Have you ever been so cold that it hurts to breathe in the air outside? (bare with me here) Has it ever been so cold outside, that you don't leave your house for 4 days straight, not even to get the mail?

Although that last question maybe more of a reflection on my own personal situation, I don't need you to answer, because I know we are all united after this weekend in a deep freeze. They are even wearing sweaters and coats in Florida. When we start hearing things like 'VORTEX' during the weather report, we know global warming is a reality. We will make it through this years climate temper-tantrum my friends. We will.

 So, yes, I literally haven't stepped out of the door in 4 days. I actually used baby powder as my foundation for my last photo shoot when I ran out of my make-up. This is how a girl knows its been a particularly bad season. How did I entertain myself inside these apartment walls for 4 days straight? Apple TV, Social Networking, and compulsive buying on Ebay. I'm quite sure I've ate myself 5 pounds heavier as well. This cold is honestly just reinforcing my baser instincts. I have a very strong tendency towards being a sad, plump hermit who engages in regular whining sessions. So tomorrow when I emerge from my cocoon, I will be self-sacrificing, energetic, and cheerful.

 Well, I'm done with my whine. I'm sure you all have braved this past week better than I and are rolling your eyes at my attempt at self-pity. I managed during this nice long rest, to not do any Etsy listings at all. But seeing as how I am behind on posting pictures from my more recent photo-shoots, I will do that now. I hope you enjoy. Remember, if you would like to visit my store to purchase one of these items, simply click the title above the picture and it should take you there.

50's Cherry Red Taffeta Ballgown

50's Bridal Hat with Chiffon Veil

2 Available

You can see that last week, I was a busy gal. I have some fab pieces yet to list, stay tuned. Just to wet your appetite, I have a macaroon pink lace frock in EXCELLENT condition, as well as a dress New Old Stock.  So...until next time dearies!

Stay classy,

Kary J.


  1. I love your shop on etsy. Great hats and beautful model. Stay warm.

    1. Thank you Lilli Blue for your kind words! Take care!

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