Overdue Fashion Week Report!

I know its  long overdue, but here is my official opinion on the Fall Fashion week.

Burberry's Fall 2013 Collection is again very pretty and lady-like indeed. In fact, much of the Fall Fashion week reflected a refined and modest charm. Check out the blog Conspired by Fashion's opinion and photo's here. I absolutely LOVE Jonathan Saunders sleek & sweet Fall fashion line. Shop the collection at Vogue and see for yourself. My favorite pick....Giles. Wow! Unique, glam, and ethereal. Peruse the photo's at Fashionising. I really like the plain long parted hair the models donned. I am happy to say there was still a very vintage touch to all the collections above.

Now if only spring would start here in Fargo, I could actually think about next Fall. For now, the thought of wearing long sleeves and a knitted cap sends me down a very angry spiral of emotions.

I have a lot of news regarding my dear little Etsy Shop. First off, I had the pleasure of working with a new model, Hailey. She did a fabulous job, and it took a lot less time photographing her, as compared with taking pictures of myself. Some the the pictures turned out really fabulous. So I'm going to post a few of them below.

1970's Fruit Salad Dress

I have added a "Bargain Bin" section to the shop, where I sell items with imperfections and clearance items. I have also added a Lingerie & Slips section. So far, it hasn't been a huge success. I haven't sold anything in 7 days, which is rather depressing considering how well my shop was doing last month. April is proving to be a dry spell, as of now. Hoping things pick up soon, pass the word around my friends!

Stay classy,
Kary J.


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