YES, I know, its been WAY too long since I've blogged. Life has marched forward. My 'project',, had its best summer yet! I was seriously selling up a storm! Now that Autumn is upon us, things have calmed down a bit. 

Some small changes, I now have a dress form on which to present my dresses, blouses, and skirts. This has simplified listing to no end. I'm a little nervous that people may prefer seeing the vintage clothing on actual models. I'm hoping its not the case. To my eye the dress form ( I've named her Amelie ) looks much more professional and tidy, but its hard to compete with a live human. We will see how the sales go. I may switch back if my orders continue to decline. I hope they don't, because it saves me SO much time! Of course the hats will still be modeled. you can see my most recent listings in the photographs below. I will post another blog entry with photographs of my models that I had shot previous to buying the dress form. The pictures features the quaint downtown Fargo, ND.

Speaking of models in downtown Fargo. Some of my photograph's won a contest and were featured in a collage in the FARGO monthly magazine! I was super excited to see my lovely friends in print! There was no mention of my shop, because I was worried I would be disqualified from the competition if they assumed I was vying for free advertising. 
If you would like the see a PDF of the magazine with my photography click the link below:

I hope you enjoy the latest listings below, many of which are still available for purchase. For pricing or purchase visit my Etsy shop at

Take care my lovelies!!!



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