High Hat Couture Answers...What’s in a name?

"...That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

I was perusing the Etsy forums when I came across one that piqued my interest. It was entitled "Share the meaning behind your shop name". The entries I found therein were varied from entertaining, strange, to dare I say it? touching. You can read the thread for yourself if you are curious below:

Share the meaning behind your shop name thread

So I have decided to share the story of my boutiques name here. 


'High Hat' is an antiquated phrase that means ' To act in a snobbish or supercilious manner toward (someone)'. Many rich and prosperous men wore top hats and this is how the phrase came into being. My boutique name is a subtle wink towards high-end fashion snobbery. Also....

I love top hats. In fact, I love ALL HATS.

When I first went hunting for names I looked for names that contained the words Noir & Blanc, but all the goodies were taken. I'm much happier with the name I have now though, so it all worked out for the best, as things in life often do! That's my story.

Below you will find photo's of my recent listings. First up are photographs of my lovely new model Shaelynn. She is a real natural! ENJOY!

1940's Ivory Tilt hat

1940's Blue Beauty Hat

1940's French Wool and Feather Hat

Isn't she a doll?
And now for some recent photo's of yours truly...


1950's Wood-nymph Fascinator

 1950's Wedding Pill Box with Veil 

1950's Marie Antoinette Feather and Satin Hat

1940's Avant Garde Velvet Tilt Hat

I think that does it. Please check out my Etsy Boutique www.highhatcouture.com for more great vintage items and photographs! 

Thanks for visiting my corner!

Stay Classy,

Kary J.


  1. Wow so glad you gave me your blog i Love it. Its classy and maybe snobby but i dont care as long as it is elegant. You made à great choice by picking this title.

    And What best but starting an article With Shakespeare ! You made me happy only by reading this :)
    Its my favorite.

    Im browsing your etsy :D
    You dont sell this black rhinestones buttons dress anymore?


    1. thanks lorna! the black dress with rhinestones is sold! hope you stop by again sometime!


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