Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hat's Off To You! Again!

Hello Gang! The last two weeks have been cold and quick, and I'm not talking about my personal life. Ba-dum-dum...CHA!  I've listed oodles and oodles of really pretty vintage hats on HighHatCouture.com and I am pleased to report that I've sold many. Unfortunately none of my Upcycled Art Hats have found a home as of yet. So I'm holding off on listing more of those, until I see greater interest. One of my vintage hats was featured on the Etsy home page! Hoorah! It gave my little online boutique the view boost it needed.

In other news, I hosted a small 'Bon Voyage' dinner party for my dear friends and fellow language students, Mike & Marilee. We have been learning the Nepali language for 2 years now, and they are actually leaving to live in Nepal for 3 months on January first. I'm going to miss them so much! but I am also very excited for them to take on this traveling adventure, and cant wait to see the photos! The event turned out as planned, and I believe everyone had a good time. I got to wear my yellow Nepali kurta, or as some call it a kurti. The party was located at a private room in an Indian Restaurant called India Palace (FARGO, ND). The management were so kind and accommodated our every need and whim. They permitted us to decorate and bring in a cake from a bakery and there was no extra charge for the use of the room. The food was, of course, OUTSTANDING. Some of my friends who are from Nepal have limited English skills and were able to communicate with one of the staff members in their native tongue because he also speaks Nepali. Its so sad to send off good friends, but I am pleased to have had a part in arranging their farewell. Especially at such a fab restaurant.

Well, time to post my recent pictures! I hope you like them. Just click the brief description above the photographs and it will take you directly to the listing in Etsy, if you are interested in purchasing:

So there you have all my little lovelies in a row. I need to stock back up on some more vintage hats, after this week's sales, stay tuned. I love selling vintage hats. So much easier to package up. No need to hand wash or dry clean, unlike vintage garments. Plus I've scored a great supplier for my shipping boxes. They are conveniently sized and great for the customer because they can keep using them to store their vintage piece. The boxes look very professional too, all of them are consistently white. Of course, I will continue to sell vintage garments, but I think I'm going to focus more heavily on the hat department. They are much easier to photograph as well.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you drop by again sometime. Being a part of the Etsy community has been such a long learning experience. After a year, I am finally getting things down to a science. If you are an aspiring seller, keep trying. It can be a nice little earner for you if you put the time into it. But it is NOT easy money. It is a job. I hope my sales continue their up-swing!

Take care & Stay Classy,

Kary J.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Designer Upcycled Vintage Headpiece Collection Launch!

Its no secret, I LOVE HATS. After seeing so many fabulous vintage hats with sad amounts of damage laying in disrepair, I have decided to put my creative skills to the test and help them reach their unrealized potential for class. I have 5 completed pieces, but you can expect to see many more. I absolutely adore seeing the results of my hard work. The creative process and effort that goes into these pieces can not be underestimated. There is plenty of dismantling, debating, considering, gluing, sewing and reshaping involved. But I am simply enamored with this new hobby. I hope you appreciate the photo's of my handiwork below!

These pieces are wearable art and OOAK (one of a kind). I'm super excited to contribute something of myself toward the beautifying of womankind. Here's hoping others like my style :) I try to keep the original integrity of each vintage hat's design. I restrain myself from over embellishment so these pieces can be worn anytime for any occasion. 

The shop has been a bit slow for the Holiday season. I have added some more vintage items, besides my hat collection. I will post pictures below. Remember you can simply click the title above the photographs to go directly to my listing on Etsy. I have some great dresses to add to the boutique yet. I have just been so sidetracked with my new venture I haven't taken the time to list them yet. So stay tuned!

May your winter be full of pretty things and warm hugs. I am enjoying the ever faithful deep freeze of Fargo, North Dakota. We few who choose to brave the sub-zero temps appreciate the crystalline purity that lines the horizon on our land. I love the quiet solitary feeling early winter mornings always bring. Make sure you take the time to just pause and breath in the cold clean aroma, and breath out the negative spirit that has a tendency to build during our daily routines. Upcycling is about restoring the damaged and imagining the potential, lets be sure to do that in our lives as a regular manner of course.

Be at peace & stay classy,

Kary J.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Namaste mero satiharu!

Its that time of year again, CYBER MONDAY! Receive 15% off any and every purchase in our Etsy boutique today only. At check out simply enter the coupon code:


Vintage is unique and made with quality materials, so stock up! Below are some recent listings pictures.

1960's Wool Bowler/Derby Hat

Happy shopping!

-Kary J.