New Old Fashion for Fall and an Exciting Announcement!

Yes, its been a while. What can I say? Summer is gone, Fall is raging, Winter around the corner. Oh, and I am now 32 years old. Years old, I said. All things are good, so who can sulk? Life moves ever onward.

The 'project' continues at its steady part-time pace. I haven't taken the time to post the latest listings, so today's blog will be fully illustrated with items still available and, happily, the items that have sold since my last entry.

I have an exciting announcement! Bitter Root Vintage, a successful online boutique based in Cleveland Ohio, is working with! The owner and operator of this classy site, Carole, chose to sell some of our choice pieces in the "Vintage" section of her shop. She is using our photographs, and has linked our shop on the listings. See for yourselves at

Lets take a moment to acknowledge that fashion week was full of vintage looks. Full skirts are a big trend. Of course I absolutely LOVE full skirts with nipped waist's. So flattering for every body type. The great aspect about this trend is that you can really make it your own. Make it a little more modern with a fab trend worthy top, or play up the vintage edge with a button up sweater or blouse.

Now for the photo's. I haven't had a model in a while. Boring as it is, you have to look at only me. I know my best photographs are of models, but its much more time efficient to just take them of myself. I have a few brief weeks left this year to do some proper out door pictures, my plan is to do this soon. So here we go:

I think that's all of them. Some of the older listings have been moving too, that's good news. I just got the most fab shipment of vintage hats, gloves, and a few unique bags from my fantastic contact in Ohio. She's got a great eye for style and has been such a great help with my budding business. Her name is Tina, and I'm so grateful that she is taking the time to comb the sales for me:) 

I hope you stop by to check back soon!

Stay Classy,

Kary J.


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