One Month Missing Vintage Threads

Its been a month. This summer has been, so far, a bit of a whirlwind. I love summer. Its the time for wearing a cheeky sundress, open-toed pumps, kitschy straw bags, and cold pressed coffee lattes. I hope everyone has been enjoying their July.

I got back down to business with 'The Project'. I didn't have any time to schedule a model for the photo shoot, so I bravely stood in to pose and dress up instead :) I will list some photo's below of new exciting vintage items I have for sale in the shop. I made a hat especially to wear during the shoot, as I need to update my logo picture having sold the yellow dress.

Its been quite productive week for sales. I sold 3 Items this week. The beautiful beaded prom dress that Selda modeled for me was one of them. I will be steaming it, and packaging it up this morning for shipment. I'm happy someone else out there was thin enough to fit its tiny measurements. Here is the big news:

We reached 50 sales this week!!!!!

I sent the customer a special surprise thank you gift with their purchase. She bought the Green 1950's silk dress that Jessica modeled, so I sent her matching emerald rhinestone vintage earrings. I hope she likes them! I feel like a legit business now, my friends. Watch out!

I have received 3 appreciation photo's from happy customers. I've posted two of these divine ladies on our facebook page, so please visit our page to check out these diva's and for heavens sake PLEASE 'LIKE' OUR FACEBOOK PAGE :) Also, please note I have added a tab on this blog at the top of the page that will take you to our new INSTAGRAM account. There will be sneak peek's and vintage fun, so please follow us!

Here are the pictures my friends, hope you like them:

Such a stunning dress. I love it. If I wasn't already married...any way, I'm going to do a separate blog entry of only pictures with this dress. Pictures that are not on the listing @ so potential customers can see many more views of this fantastic piece. I took many photographs, and it would be a shame not to put them to some purpose. They need edited first, so it might not be until next week. I think I'll get a little more creative with those ones;) Like these ones:

Take care of yourselves dah-lings. Enjoy those hot summer days, but remember....too much tanning makes a lady look common. Plus, more importantly, you can get skin cancer and wrinkles galore. Be safe.
Stay classy,

Kary J.


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