Retro, retro, wherefore art thou?

The days should be getting warmer...yet I feel like wearing black. I have yet to peel away my layers and put my tall boots in storage. The ground did show a few signs today of a thaw, but lets not imagine we can put away our coats yet. When happier days do come, I'm really looking forward to going garage sale shopping and stocking up. I do have some new listings to show you. I hope you like them.

'The project' is picking up steam, at last. I've been selling two things a week on average. I'm happy to say that this week, I had the privilege of sending off my spring floral dress, and my yellow diner blouse to Australia! Its so fun sending packages oversea's. I've had several customers from various corners of the world. Its been a treat doing business with them. I hope my vintage tid-bits have brightened their wardrobe. 

Stay classy!
-Kary J.


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