Let no one say the past is dead...

"Let no one say the past is dead. 
The past is all about us and within"

The past is a romantic thing, from which all our wisdom is born, including how we should present ourselves to others. So, what has it taught us as women? By looking into the past, I see many mistakes and conquests, embarrassing and emboldening. That's why I love Etsy. Its where the past can live with dignity and value along side the fresh creations of present talent. Of course when these two worlds are put so closely together, they begin to rub off on each other. This is never so true, as it is with fashion. Many of the hand sewn garments reflect past styles, and many vintage items are displayed with a modern twist. In honor of this I have decided to post some listings that reflect how to do this, and do this well.

By Oda

Oda is an amazing designer from San Francisco California. These high-end garments bespeak of the past and remind me of rural Nepal tribal wear and I absolutely love these designs.

By Nalini
Here is a listing from Nalini's Shop. Fabulous Roma inspired gowns, jackets and skirts. Beautiful photography with stunning models and back-drops. Please take a look at this shop.

By Ginny & Harriet
Ginny and Harriet is a model Etsy shopElizabeth Freeman Kelly knows her craft and more stores should aspire to her level of salesmanship. Her eccentric vibe really raises the bar for vintage fashion.

By When Decades Collide
This Etsy store features seriously cute fashion. Vanessa & Candice Clark really hit the mark. There are so many adorable dresses, its difficult to pick just one. The natural lighting in their photos really gives the buyer the opportunity to evaluate the condition accurately. This store embodies what I wrote about earlier.

Well there you have it. Etsy provides us with a world of wonder. My own shop is doing well despite my lethargy lately. I have decided to get back on the horse and start adding more listings tomorrow. So please stay tuned for new products. Right now High Hat Couture is a near skeleton and is in desperate need of attention.
I have revamped this blogs face in honor of my dear friend Makenzie who is no longer gracing the world with her beauty and talent. I miss her greatly and the world has suffered the loss of a person truly unique and genuine of heart. 

Stay classy,

Kary J.

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