Tuesday, October 23, 2012

9 years of humor and understanding

Dear adoring public,

I need to take the time to thank my husband for the many acts of kindness and moments of long-suffering he has displayed during the 9 years of our married life. Today is our anniversary. Yes, our life together is a testimony that marrying your best friend works out swimmingly. Despite our very different pasts and VERY different personalities, we have a fantastic relationship full of laughter and happiness. There are many kinds of love in this world, chose the one that will last forever. 

Now as for my week, it has been a whirlwind once again. I'm not complaining. I love keeping busy and being productive. My friend asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. So I have been busy planning her bridal shower etc. We went shopping yesterday for bridesmaid dresses. I am wearing a very elegant royal blue floor length halter gown with a low back. The color looks amazing with my hair. The dress is very fitted through the bodice and is really very flattering. 

I can't wait to go to the cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) this weekend! I get to shop the outlet mall's and stay in a 4 star hotel, peruse the art museums and then see MORRISSEY!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!! Seeing him perform live has been on my bucket list for a very long time. If you don't know who Morrissey (of The Smiths) is please watch this video and stop denying yourself of the great indulgence that is listening to him:
Morrissey - There is a light that never goes out video
I bought a vintage dress especially for the event. I'm having a seamstress take it up to tea length. It has has a velvet halter bodice with big rhinestone and gold buttons down the front. The skirt is a full circle white skirt with tulle underneath to give it a perfect poof. I can't wait to post pictures. I'm going to wear a black bow tie as a necklace with it, a mini top hat fascinator, black patent leather booties, and short white gloves. Its going to be fantastic.

As for the 'Project' this week, its going well. I sold two items yesterday. I really need to put more inventory in today. I hope I have time. The store is looking a bit empty. I don't want potential customers to lose interest because of lack of product. I did add one beauty of a gown last night. Here are some pictures of yours truly posing in it:

This dress has such a great look. If you want to see the add I posted in my etsy store click here:
The Film Noir Dress

I hope everyone is enjoying their Fall. Eating pumpkin flavored everything & wearing warm cozy sweaters:) I don't have any new fashion finds for this week. Sorry. I just haven't had time to peruse. I will hopefully make it up to you by posting all kinds of fabulous fashions next week when I get back from the cities.

Thank you, as always, for reading my musings. Take care of yourselves out there and may your week be a rare one.

your besotted lady,

Kary J.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Burberry I think I love you...

Dear World,
Burberry's spring collection is AMAZING. The outer wear, is basically perfect in my humble opinion. A great mix of  a classic silhouette with jaw-dropping contemporary color. example? look here my friends:
Wow, right? Talk about wearable runway fashion! This is what I love to see. Elegance, sweetness, with a nice crisp edge. Dare I even start to write about this shade of green? Its probably my favorite color of all time. Here are some more pieces I love:
I know, kind of amazing...right? and:
I can't even handle how pretty this is. And:
Fab. And:
This is just plain beautiful. This model wears this color so well too. Such a dramatic look.
 Lets not neglect the great neutral tone trench:
I had to start out with the fashion finds for this week first. I just had to get it off my chest. These are really really great. What luxury. What glam power for spring. 
So, my week was great. 'The Project' is going well. I had two sales this week. I still haven't found the time to really knuckle down and hang posters and promote, but I will. My partner Jill K. is finally available to help out, which is a big relief because we still need to stock up on product. She modeled for me this weekend. She has some stunning garments to list as well, one being a sultry vintage dark blue velvet evening gown. The fabric has beautiful draping. She loves it so much she almost did't want to sell it. That's one of the major drawbacks of buying things that you love, you're going to have to part with them to make a profit. 
I finally created an official facebook business page this morning. I linked our etsy store to it. If you're curious about it you can see it here:
Anyway the weekend was packed full of activity for me personally. One of my very close friends just got engaged! They are so eager to spend the rest of their life together that they have decided to get married in ONE MONTH! We went dress shopping on Sunday. She's pretty low maintenance and found a dress within two hours. Of course she looks fantastic. She has naturally black curly hair, so white looks amazing on her. Obviously I don't have time to plan a proper bridal shower. So I'm going to have a small celebration at a nice restaurant with a fall theme. It will be nice and intimate and I'm going to encourage those who are invited to bring personal gifts for the bride. I'm looking forward to it.  I think instead of a cake, I'm going to give everyone a gourmet candied apple. I'm also going to get a nice leather journal and have everyone write something positive about the bride in it since we're not doing games. I love weddings.
I also went with my husband to see his drummers second band. It was pretty good. 90's cover tunes. Which reminds me...I am SO EXCITED. I am going to see MORRISSEY in Minneapolis in TWO WEEKS!!!!! AAAAH! More on that later ;)
Two last Burberry glimpses before I go:
What class!

Take care of yourselves dah-lings!
-Kary J.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet success & plenty o' preppy Spring fashion

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it.
-Sam Ewing

Hello my nimble few,
Just got back from my trip to Bismark, ND last night. It was genuinely refreshing to spend some quality time with my good friends. Nothing draws girls closer than staying in a budget hotel together ;) FYI: I checked our room thoroughly for bed bugs before we sat our luggage down.
I have some good news. While I was soaking my feet in the bubbly chlorine filled hot tub and listening to my friends relate unwelcome details about their love lives, my Etsy store was hard at work. I sold 2 items this weekend! The fab Monroe IT dress, and the 1980's french art deco revival jacket. Hooray! I also reviewed the stores traffic stats for the week and we had nearly 400 views! Hooray again! This is fairly good I think for not having spent any hard time promoting the store as of yet. I'm really hoping this trend of success continues. 
Also, if anyone is interested, I created my first Treasury List on etsy called "Green with envy". Here is the link if you're curious:
Green with envy
Now my friends, I must stop blabbering on about my small life and take some time to post the amazing pictures of L.Vuitton's Spring/Summer show I found today. So pretty and so preppy. There are a couple additional favorites I spotted from various designers as well.
I am simply wild about the brown and white check on the left. Dreamy. 
Not loving the midriff baring blouse however.
 Love the black and white skirt on the right. Those shoes are adore-a-ble!
I cant get enough. 
This label is Christie Brown from Ghana
Subtle & elegant.
The below look is just total class. I nabbed this picture from an Australian fashion magazine.
Well, That's about it folks! Thanks as always for reading this small-town girls fancies & take care of yourselves. And I hope you stop by to see how I'm doing next week. The saga will continue.
Ever yours,
Kary J.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seeing red again

"Lean, long, dusty, dreary, and yet somehow loveable" - Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde
Hello adoring public,
I typically pick a book every fall that I allow to grow into an amusing obsession. Although I once read Stevenson's "Dr J & Mr. H" as a prepubescent young girl, I've decided to rediscover it as an adult woman. An adult woman who has no patience for the clap-trap that is published nowadays. It requires a real level of commitment these days to find books that can make the soul soar, a level of commitment I just don't have time for. So, back to the classics.
I found an ancient dirty copy of the aforementioned book at a rummage sale. Its in poor shape and the spine has seen better day's, but it piqued my interest. I am so enthused about it. The writing is phenomenal. How had I not realized this before? Stevenson is a genius. 
By the way, that very same rummage sale had many aged treats. I bought the most striking sapphire blue wool ladies suit from the 1940's there, as well as two great dresses from the 70's. Later that day I went to the thrift store and found the IT dress of the 1950's, the genuine article. The red Marilyn Monroe dress we have all dreamed of, also made of wool and in excellent condition. Fit me like a glove, but a girl has to stock her inventory. I've listed it for sale in my Etsy store. Speaking of the devil...
The Etsy store, which I will hereafter refer to as "The Project" is not doing so well. I have 15 items listed now, but blessed few bites. I've had some close calls. Many future clients asking questions. I reply promptly, as the good Etsy sellers handbook encourages you to do. But as of yet, ONE SALE in my first month. I'm blaming it on my lack of inventory. I need a bigger selection of sizes and era's. I have some great pieces to put in the store, but the truth is, I haven't had the time to create the listings. I'm am trying to stay positive and keep the ship afloat. Hope, hope, hope....
Anyway I'm going to a big event this weekend and I have to try this fabulous hairstyle:
Especially since this happens to be the EXACT shade of hair color I'm sporting these days
I'm loving this look too:
Here is a peek at the IT dress I just wrote about:
And yes...I'm still the model right now. Its just a lot more time efficient. I regress...
 I am really digging the voluminous hairstyles this fall. My head has been attempting to get mixed up in one great big bouffant coif since I laid eyes on this picture:

Maybe I'm crazy, but I find this fantastic:)
Anyway, thanks for reading guys and doll's. Have a great weekend!
-Kary J.