9 years of humor and understanding

Dear adoring public,

I need to take the time to thank my husband for the many acts of kindness and moments of long-suffering he has displayed during the 9 years of our married life. Today is our anniversary. Yes, our life together is a testimony that marrying your best friend works out swimmingly. Despite our very different pasts and VERY different personalities, we have a fantastic relationship full of laughter and happiness. There are many kinds of love in this world, chose the one that will last forever. 

Now as for my week, it has been a whirlwind once again. I'm not complaining. I love keeping busy and being productive. My friend asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. So I have been busy planning her bridal shower etc. We went shopping yesterday for bridesmaid dresses. I am wearing a very elegant royal blue floor length halter gown with a low back. The color looks amazing with my hair. The dress is very fitted through the bodice and is really very flattering. 

I can't wait to go to the cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) this weekend! I get to shop the outlet mall's and stay in a 4 star hotel, peruse the art museums and then see MORRISSEY!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!! Seeing him perform live has been on my bucket list for a very long time. If you don't know who Morrissey (of The Smiths) is please watch this video and stop denying yourself of the great indulgence that is listening to him:
Morrissey - There is a light that never goes out video
I bought a vintage dress especially for the event. I'm having a seamstress take it up to tea length. It has has a velvet halter bodice with big rhinestone and gold buttons down the front. The skirt is a full circle white skirt with tulle underneath to give it a perfect poof. I can't wait to post pictures. I'm going to wear a black bow tie as a necklace with it, a mini top hat fascinator, black patent leather booties, and short white gloves. Its going to be fantastic.

As for the 'Project' this week, its going well. I sold two items yesterday. I really need to put more inventory in today. I hope I have time. The store is looking a bit empty. I don't want potential customers to lose interest because of lack of product. I did add one beauty of a gown last night. Here are some pictures of yours truly posing in it:

This dress has such a great look. If you want to see the add I posted in my etsy store click here:
The Film Noir Dress

I hope everyone is enjoying their Fall. Eating pumpkin flavored everything & wearing warm cozy sweaters:) I don't have any new fashion finds for this week. Sorry. I just haven't had time to peruse. I will hopefully make it up to you by posting all kinds of fabulous fashions next week when I get back from the cities.

Thank you, as always, for reading my musings. Take care of yourselves out there and may your week be a rare one.

your besotted lady,

Kary J.


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