Monday, April 20, 2015

~You can leave your hat on!~

Greetings from!

Warmer temperatures have begun to stick here in Fargo. It was a whirlwind winter! I'm not complaining. Yay, for spring!

Things have been busy busy busy at (aka 'the project'). Sales picked up tremendously after the local paper, The Forum, mentioned my shop in an interview regarding National Hat Day. I was also featured on the Style Profile column a week later in the paper. 

Of course this all took me by surprise since I did not expect it, and I was ever so grateful. One of my followers on Instagram suggested that I be interviewed, which was very kind of them. When the journalist ( Ryan Johnson ) contacted me for an interview, I was thrilled beyond measure. 

Well, my 5 minutes of fame have come and gone my friends, and now things are slowing down at the shop. So I am taking advantage of the down-time to write today.

Here is a direct link to the Style profile column :

Here is a direct link to The Forum's National Hat Day article :

Look ma! I made the paper!

I'm hoping things will pick up again soon. I will be hunting new summer hats and dresses over the next 4 weeks. I want to bulk up my inventory before I go down to visit my family out of state. 

Below are some photographs taken from recent listings I thought you might like perusing today. Some are still available at , enjoy!

Stay classy & thanks for reading!