Sweet success & plenty o' preppy Spring fashion

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it.
-Sam Ewing

Hello my nimble few,
Just got back from my trip to Bismark, ND last night. It was genuinely refreshing to spend some quality time with my good friends. Nothing draws girls closer than staying in a budget hotel together ;) FYI: I checked our room thoroughly for bed bugs before we sat our luggage down.
I have some good news. While I was soaking my feet in the bubbly chlorine filled hot tub and listening to my friends relate unwelcome details about their love lives, my Etsy store was hard at work. I sold 2 items this weekend! The fab Monroe IT dress, and the 1980's french art deco revival jacket. Hooray! I also reviewed the stores traffic stats for the week and we had nearly 400 views! Hooray again! This is fairly good I think for not having spent any hard time promoting the store as of yet. I'm really hoping this trend of success continues. 
Also, if anyone is interested, I created my first Treasury List on etsy called "Green with envy". Here is the link if you're curious:
Green with envy
Now my friends, I must stop blabbering on about my small life and take some time to post the amazing pictures of L.Vuitton's Spring/Summer show I found today. So pretty and so preppy. There are a couple additional favorites I spotted from various designers as well.
I am simply wild about the brown and white check on the left. Dreamy. 
Not loving the midriff baring blouse however.
 Love the black and white skirt on the right. Those shoes are adore-a-ble!
I cant get enough. 
This label is Christie Brown from Ghana
Subtle & elegant.
The below look is just total class. I nabbed this picture from an Australian fashion magazine.
Well, That's about it folks! Thanks as always for reading this small-town girls fancies & take care of yourselves. And I hope you stop by to see how I'm doing next week. The saga will continue.
Ever yours,
Kary J.


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