Burberry I think I love you...

Dear World,
Burberry's spring collection is AMAZING. The outer wear, is basically perfect in my humble opinion. A great mix of  a classic silhouette with jaw-dropping contemporary color. example? look here my friends:
Wow, right? Talk about wearable runway fashion! This is what I love to see. Elegance, sweetness, with a nice crisp edge. Dare I even start to write about this shade of green? Its probably my favorite color of all time. Here are some more pieces I love:
I know, kind of amazing...right? and:
I can't even handle how pretty this is. And:
Fab. And:
This is just plain beautiful. This model wears this color so well too. Such a dramatic look.
 Lets not neglect the great neutral tone trench:
I had to start out with the fashion finds for this week first. I just had to get it off my chest. These are really really great. What luxury. What glam power for spring. 
So, my week was great. 'The Project' is going well. I had two sales this week. I still haven't found the time to really knuckle down and hang posters and promote, but I will. My partner Jill K. is finally available to help out, which is a big relief because we still need to stock up on product. She modeled for me this weekend. She has some stunning garments to list as well, one being a sultry vintage dark blue velvet evening gown. The fabric has beautiful draping. She loves it so much she almost did't want to sell it. That's one of the major drawbacks of buying things that you love, you're going to have to part with them to make a profit. 
I finally created an official facebook business page this morning. I linked our etsy store to it. If you're curious about it you can see it here:
Anyway the weekend was packed full of activity for me personally. One of my very close friends just got engaged! They are so eager to spend the rest of their life together that they have decided to get married in ONE MONTH! We went dress shopping on Sunday. She's pretty low maintenance and found a dress within two hours. Of course she looks fantastic. She has naturally black curly hair, so white looks amazing on her. Obviously I don't have time to plan a proper bridal shower. So I'm going to have a small celebration at a nice restaurant with a fall theme. It will be nice and intimate and I'm going to encourage those who are invited to bring personal gifts for the bride. I'm looking forward to it.  I think instead of a cake, I'm going to give everyone a gourmet candied apple. I'm also going to get a nice leather journal and have everyone write something positive about the bride in it since we're not doing games. I love weddings.
I also went with my husband to see his drummers second band. It was pretty good. 90's cover tunes. Which reminds me...I am SO EXCITED. I am going to see MORRISSEY in Minneapolis in TWO WEEKS!!!!! AAAAH! More on that later ;)
Two last Burberry glimpses before I go:
What class!

Take care of yourselves dah-lings!
-Kary J.


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