Haute out of the oven...

Hello invisible public!
Tah-dah! This is my first entry on Blogger. I feel like I'm at a job interview (Gasp!). I'll start by introducing myself. 
My name is Kary. I am in love with vintage fashion. Then again, who isn't nowadays? I have an etsy store
( www.highhatcouture.com ). I am 30 years old. I am married (His name is Johnny and he is a musician).
I live in Fargo, ND. You may remember a movie by that name (Yes, its true, it is very cold here. Yes, the locals have amusing Canadian accents). I was not born here, which is to say, I actually CHOSE to live here in my early 20's. In defense of the lack of glamor this betrays, Fargo is a great little city. Lets just say growing up in small-town Ohio the dreams I had cultivated in my flannel and doc martens were not what a person may call gargantuan.
Well that's enough facts of life for now. Here is a little eye candy: 

Runway: Giulietta Spring 2013

Oh, yes. Vintage looks still have a place on the runway in Spring 2013. Thank heavens!
-Kary J.



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